What is the best way for me to apply for a job at Burton?

Burton uses an online applicant system which allows us to keep your information far more organized and accessible to us. Please go to the jobs section of burton.com and attach your resume to our online application. If you are applying for a retail sales position you may also stop by any of our retail stores and fill out an application.

Do I have to reapply for each new job opening?

If you are interested in a new posting, please log on to our self-service site and apply for the new opportunity you are interested in. If you wish to update your contact information or resume, please log on to our self-service site as well to update your information.

I have applied for a position online in the past but do not remember my login information. How do I apply for another position?

After entering the jobs section of the Burton website, you will have the option of having your login information e-mailed to you. Once you receive this, you will be able to access your account and apply for a new position.

Is it important for me to include a portfolio or work samples when applying for a design job?

Yes. When reviewing candidates for any design position, we want to see samples of your work.

How do I submit a portfolio in addition to my resume?

Web based portfolio links embedded in your resume are ideal. You may also add work samples through the Attachments link in the online application process. We would be happy to see more detailed portfolios upon request.

How do I know that Burton received my resume?

When you complete your online application, you will receive an email response letting you know that your resume has been received.

After I receive the note stating that Burton received my resume, how long before I get invited in for an interview?

Burton is in the fortunate position of having many applicants for our positions. Due to the volume of interest we receive, we are unfortunately unable to interview every candidate. While we don't contact every applicant, we do review every resume and will be sure to contact you if we feel there is a possible fit.

Should I follow up after I send my resume?

While we appreciate your desire to be thorough, you can be sure that your resume will be reviewed for the position you applied. Due to our applicant volume, we are unable to reply to follow up requests, but we will contact you if/when appropriate.

How long will you keep my resume on file?

Your profile will stay active in our online database for a minimum of one year from your last application date. We encourage you to check back for our current openings and apply for any specific positions that match your interest and experience.

What if there are no current jobs available that match my skills?

You may submit a general online application by following the link to submit a resume/online application. We'll be happy to consider you for any appropriate future positions. We also encourage you to check back for our current openings and submit your application for any specific positions that match your interest and experience.

Are all of your open jobs listed on the website? How do I know if something is still an active opening?

We list all of our open opportunities on our website and they are only removed when a position has been filled. If a position is listed, it is active. This does not indicate how far we may be in the search process but it means that we have not yet filled the opening.

Is it acceptable to apply for jobs that are a stretch or that I don't qualify for? Is it appropriate to apply to multiple openings at once?

If an applicant is qualified for more than one position, he or she may apply for those jobs when appropriate. It is in your best interest to apply for specific positions that are a good fit for your background and skills, rather than every position that seems interesting to you.

Does an applicant need to meet all, or almost all, of your requirements to be considered for an opening?

Our postings reflect what we are looking for in our ideal candidate. It is unlikely that we will find someone with 100% of what we are ideally seeking. However, we want to get as close as possible. If you see a listing of 10 requirements and you only meet 2, it would be to your advantage to keep looking for jobs that are more in line with your skills

Do you offer either seasonal or part-time positions?

We offer seasonal opportunities typically in the customer service or retail sales areas. These positions usually run from mid-summer until early spring (depending on department). It is rare that we offer part-time work but it does occasionally happen. Any part-time opportunities will have a part-time notation in the job posting.

Do you offer Internships?

We offer internships in many of our business areas in our Burlington and Irvine offices. Our Internship Program requires that you are currently enrolled in an undergraduate program and can be used to receive academic credit, based on the policy of your educational institution. All available internships will be posted on our website and you may submit an online application to be considered.

I'm doing a school report on Burton. How can I get information?

We're glad that you chose our company for your report. Please feel free to use the information under the History section of this site for your report.

Do you have to snowboard to get a job at Burton?

While we do have many positions in the company (most notably customer service, retail, product development and marketing) where a strong knowledge of snowboarding is required, not all positions in the company have that requirement. We do our best to make snowboarding accessible to every employee in the company because we firmly believe that having passionate employees on our team only strengthens the work we produce.

If I am invited in for an interview, what should I wear?

Any place that has dogs running around is bound to have a relaxed dress code. We are a very casual company and t-shirts, jeans and sneakers are usually the norm around here. Please dress to please yourself and spend your time thinking up great questions.

How do I find out more about becoming a Sales Rep?

None of our external Sales Reps are hired by our HR Department. All of these individuals are considered outside contractors and are selected directly through the Sales Department.